No7 Foundation Match

A couple of week ago, I popped into my local boots to get my foundation matched with the new No7 Match Made service. Normally, when I buy foundation, I do swatch checks on my hand and across my chin, and settle for the lightest shade in the range! (in some high street brands, this is still too dark for my skin - I'm looking at you Bourjois!) I've never had my foundation matched at a counter before, so it was a first.

The process was really easy and it took 5 minutes all together. The consultant (I forgot her name!) talked through what I was looking for in terms of coverage and how often I wear foundation. And then came the fun bit. She pushed the camera thing into my cheeks with some pressure to some the light getting in to the picture, and gave me my perfect foundation.

Despite my usual shopping habits, I was the second lightest shade in Stay Perfect foundation, not the lightest which me and my friend were actually shocked by. I've been wearing the foundation every day for the past few weeks and it is the most perfect foundation for me in my collection.

I really recommend this service because I would have ended up buying the wrong shade without it. I really hope this technology spreads to other make-up counters in the near future.

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