I have some really exciting news...

but I'm not going to tell you for a little while.



so, the news is (so sorry if I'm late on this one)...thanks to Grazia UK, is that Katy Perry is going to be starring in my new favourite show Gossip Girl, which has now resumed filming in the gorgeous NYC.
Hopefully, they will be filming for a couple more months so I might be able to get a sneak peak when I go just after Thanksgiving.
That sounds too good to be true though....

Will post some pics of the girls on set when I can find some :)


Jewellery Wish List

I've been buying loads of jewellery recently, and have always been into designing jewellery, like custom pieces and everything. 
So, as you can guess I've been into these rings for ages.
They are of course made from scrabble tiles. 
I don't know why but I do have a crazy thing about scrabble in general. 
The jewellery range was made famous by Pixie Lott a little while back. 
The reason I'm talking about them now is because they were in this week's Look (UK) magazine.
So now I know where to get them :)

That made me think about other weird jewellery I'd seen in the past. 
Like the stuff made out of Barbie dolls, which started around two years ago.
I just love all of it!
This is designed by Margaux Lange.
You can see the rest here.

Off to shop.


Check this photoshop 'mare out!
I can't even believe this!


out of touch...

my internet has been messed up for the past week so haven't been able to load up any pics or anything exciting. 
finally managed to get bloglovin' to load up and i have over 500 entries to catch-up on. 
lots of reading ahead. 

I've had a really good few days just being at home with my boyfriend.
Did a bit of shopping on Friday. I think it must have been like six weeks since I bought any clothes or anything like that, thanks to boring bills and rent etc.
Anyway, I bought my first ever pair of high-waisted jeans. (I know I'm late on that whole thing but yeah....)
Also, I bought the cutest elephant necklace and a two-finger ring. 
All from Topshop. 

I've decided that this week I'm going to get back into baking. 
I really want to try and do some raspberry muffins and green tea cakes.
So I'll post all about how that goes. 
With piccies of course!

Sorry about the boring post. 
Will. Try. Harder.



wish list

1. Gossip Girl's wardrobe.

2. My hair to look this awesome every day :)

3. a trip to WAH-Nails
studs = yummy!


[wish list]

I could not be having more problems with the internet than I am today...so, this will just be quick. :)
I woke up really happy today because Vogue UK had come in the post. I was flicking through and got lots of inspiration for the coming season. I am so excited about all the coats, jackets and capes; A-line and full skirts.
I always get really excited about new knitwear as the season changes too. I love gloves, mittens, scarfs and snoods more than any one else I know!

Anyway, over the past few days I've been having a go with my new 'Gimp' software, which is basically Photoshop for the poor. (I mean who wants to fork out £400 plus for software, right?) 
With all this in mind, and with the excitement of Vogue, I've spent a good two hours online window shopping and compiling a wish list of my next-season must-haves :)
Hope you like!

Burberry Prorsum Oversized Cropped Aviator Jacket - £1,895
Dune Almond Toe Wedges in Taupe - £80
Mulberry Oversized Alexa in Oak - £795


building castles out of snow

I can tell it's been a while since I blogged (well over a week) because when I went to turn my laptop on, there was dust on the keyboard. 

I've been really bad with the whole blogosphere this week because my boyfriend had some time off work, so we've been running around the country doing loads of fun things. 
[hopefully I can get some pictures of all that up soon]

This weekend I had a lot of family get togethers, all for birthdays. There was lots of pub meals and chatter and I got to see some of my cousins that I hadn't seen in a really long time. 

I had so much food though! Gosh! 
On Saturday night, my aunt made a huge meal which started with tapas - cold meats, cheeses, good bread. It was just amazing!
Then we had homemade salsa with spicy chicken and sweet potato. 

And for pudding! OMG! 
We had whole peaches poached in orange juice with amaretti biscuits served with mascarpone cheese, which were amazing!!!
Then chocolate mud pie!
Then birthday cake!
(which is always welcome...ha!)
I have never eaten so much! 

Think that's everything. 
Can you believe it's August already? Golly! 
Everyone had a good weekend?