out of touch...

my internet has been messed up for the past week so haven't been able to load up any pics or anything exciting. 
finally managed to get bloglovin' to load up and i have over 500 entries to catch-up on. 
lots of reading ahead. 

I've had a really good few days just being at home with my boyfriend.
Did a bit of shopping on Friday. I think it must have been like six weeks since I bought any clothes or anything like that, thanks to boring bills and rent etc.
Anyway, I bought my first ever pair of high-waisted jeans. (I know I'm late on that whole thing but yeah....)
Also, I bought the cutest elephant necklace and a two-finger ring. 
All from Topshop. 

I've decided that this week I'm going to get back into baking. 
I really want to try and do some raspberry muffins and green tea cakes.
So I'll post all about how that goes. 
With piccies of course!

Sorry about the boring post. 
Will. Try. Harder.


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