As Im sure you all know, Model's Own had a fifty percent off sale last week that finished yesterday.
I'd never tried any of their polishes, so I bought a few to try out.
l-r Pink Fever, Top Turquoise, Nude Beige, Vintage Pink

I also got a nail art pen because I really want to try leopard print nails!
what did you pick up?

>> I went shopping this weekend but was good and only bought this jumper. It's amazing on. The sleeves are really long, which I really love, as I'm forever pulling sleeves so they cover my hands!
>>I booked my first ever driving lesson this weekend too! I'm really excited, but nervous. I've left it a really long time (I'm 22) so I really want to gt it over with and pass!



This Zara dress is going straight to the top of my shopping list!

>>Ponti di Roma knit dress - £29.99


Winter Warmers

For me, it's never too early to buy my winter coat and accessories. 
Winter is my favourite season, I love falling for new coats and accessories every year.

Frock Coat - Zara

Fur Gilet - Topshop

Crossover Coat - Zara

Blazer - H&M
Hat - H&M

Hat - River Island

H&M to open concession

H&M are launching a concession stand in Selfridge's in London, this Thursday.

This is huge, as it's their first ever store-in-store worldwide!

On their app, H&M say about the new concession that it will contain an 'edited selection' of their collections as well as 'limited and exclusive collections'.

As a huge, H&M fan (about 3/4 of my wardrobe is from there) I'm super excited to see what they're going to bring out!

photo credit: fashiongonerogue



NEW IN: Printed Skirt

>>skirt: Forever21 top: topshop

Last weekend, I went to the Bullring with Vikki. Nothing was really grabbing me so I only came home with this skirt.
I've been really picky with clothes recently. I can go shopping for hours and come home with nothing.



I've been trying to find a new signature scent. 

I haven't had a new signature scent since my mid-teens when I always wore Anna Sui's Secret Wish. I bought it again more recently, and every time I wore it, I was reminded of my 17 year old self and the time I moved in with my best friend (for a week). 

So I went to the perfume counter with a fragrance in mind - CK One, but was introduced to CK One Shock for her which I instantly adored. 

I'm rubbish at describing fragrances (aren't we all) but it's really sweet, almost sickly, so it's definitely not one for every day. But I really love it, it reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it...

Boots describes the fragrance as 'a fierce bouquet of passion flower, pink peony, and jeweled poppy flower. Edgy, sexy and impulsive.'
I really love it, its definitely something I will wear again and again.

Have you had a chance to smell it yet? What do you think about it?



NEW IN at my-wardrobe.com 

This gorgeous pansy print dress from D&G 

Abstract Print dress by Milly

Sara Berman Velvet Trim Jacket

Contrast Collar Flower blouse by Moschino Cheap & Chic

This month, I'm craving winter colours like cobalt blue, blacks and plums. 
I'm also keen to update my wardrobe with new takes on current style obsessions for the new season.

Hope you like.

What are you choosing from the new collections?


THAT cover

I've been looking at this cover for a while, and I still can't see that its her.
What do you guys think?




>>Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse in Vogue UK September 2011