This is important!

I'm in love!
Watched this trailer a few too many times, and it gets me every time. 
I could not be more excited for the new Harry Potter film!!!
Roll on November!!!!

and yes, the rumours are true, I did cry when I saw this for the first time....


Freja Beha

This morning, I found a blog dedicated to my favourite model of the moment, Freja Beha.

This is one of my favourite pics of hers. 
I am being slightly biased as I have an unhealthy fascination and obsession with McQueen's Armadillo shoes. I literally NEED a pair!
[This photo is courtesy of Vogue UK, March 2010].

 This is the new campaign for Tom Ford eyewear, inspired by the iconic movie The Birds.

be sure to follow this blog and also frejabeha.blogspot.com :)


What I'm Wearing Today

It's been really hot today so went to the countryside for some lunch.
Had a really good day actually because my boyfriend had the day off work.
Thought I'd take some pictures of my outfit as I've just become heavily into hypeed and got very inspired by the beautiful work going on there.

Sorry about the poor quality :( had to take them by myself on my phone!
I'll try harder next time!



Decided to restart all of my blog.
Don't really have much to say about it, so here's some pictures.