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As Cheryl Cole is too ill to continue with X Factor auditions, Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger and Pixie Lott have been standing in. 
I want to focus on Nicole, as she's been spotted wearing VB s/s 2010.
And as you all know, I love VB's collections, and the lady herself. 

teamed with Brian Atwood shoes. 
(is it true that VB and BA are in talks to collaborate??)

the reason for the title is because I am a very very new fan of GG and saw that episode for the first time yesterday. 
I am slow, I know.

Also, going to try and do some more outfit posts next week. 
Mainly just to get more involved with hypeed.


exciting news!

I have just found out through twitter (how I love that site) that Missoni - the ultimate fashion house! - is coming to Bicester!!!

To celebrate, here's some Missoni pics :D

Ottavio Jnr. and Marco Missoni (campaign Spring 2010)

RTW a/w 2010-11

Print ad campaign a/w 2010-11

the already iconic Missoni for Converse


[no title really]

I feel a little out of the loop this morning because I didn't get to read any blogs yesterday, which I hate.
Been reading for hours this morning because of it as well!
(I follow around seventy blogs)
But now I'm all caught up, so I'm happy. 
Plus, just entered this amazing competition on The Fancy Teacup which you should check out. 
The reason I didn't have any free time was because my boyfriend graduated from University yesterday! :D
I was so proud of him. I was beaming the whole time.
I think I was the most excited person at the whole event!!! 
Quite sad I know. 
I bought him a satchel as his graduation gift from ASOS as a token for the beginning of his working life. 
Don't have any pictures because he's taken it to work.

I did a brave thing and lt my boyfriend choose all my outfits for the day. 
(yes, there were outfit changes.)
I wore a sand coloured shift dress (from H&M last year I think), with a black cardigan and black patent strappy pumps for the ceremony and then my H! by Henry Holland playsuit with black tights for the eveing because it was so cold!
For both outfits, I chose to wear my H! by Henry Holland 'Quentin' satchel.

Because of the impending graduation ceremony, recenty we've been talking about possible career paths.
His parents told me yesterday that he'd been thinking about doing a Masters in Dublin.
Since then I've been thinking about studying in Paris. 
I've always wanted to live in Paris, at least for a year, mainly so I can become fluent in French.

Also, the city feels like a second home to me, despite having only been there for two days in my whole life!!!
Trying to persuade my boyfriend to take me in the next couple of weeks.
We'll see how that goes....

Also, today is mine and my boyfriends three year anniversary!


Olsen Denim


The Olsen's are launching a denim range which will be heavily influenced by the 70s.
The three-piece line is being added to their already-successful line Elizabeth and James. 


The French Government today is aiming to pass a law which states that wearing a burka will be illegal.

There are around 2000 women who wear a burka in France.

If a women is caught wearing the garment after the law is passed, they can face a 150€ fine. However, if they are being forced to wear it by their husband for example, he could face a year in prison.

The garment is already illegal in French state schools.


random spice

Don't laugh at me, but I'm watching David and Victoria Beckham THS.
So I'm basically having a super reminisce about my childhood. :)
And of course, the Spice tour two years ago! I HOPE that's coming to DVD soon!!! or ever!

Here's some pics because I love her :)

Mercedes-Benz fashion week spring 2010

Emporio Armani work with DB. :)

Victoria Beckham spring 2010



Things I bought today.

I'm really happy because I finally found the perfect utility boots. 
I actually got them from ASOS, so I can't post a photo but here's a link to them. 

Qualified for next day delivery (zing!). 
Really excited!

Off to the British seaside tomorrow, so I'm praying for sunshine.

p.s. GO HOLLAND!!!!


just added blog lovin'


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I want....

I found out yesterday that I graduated University :)
I'm so damn happy!!!
I graduated with a Upper Second Class BA, which is what I was aiming for so I'm really pleased with myself. 
Definately going to treat myself to some new shoes :)

Other things I want to do:
To re-learn my French. (I desperately want to be fluent)
To take up knitting
To get a job (obviously)
To get my tattoo designed and done
To find a good, reasonably priced Polaroid camera, the old style sort
To go to Paris more often
Join the gym with my boyfriend :)

Going to Cromer on Saturday so will update then.

p.s. found this old pic of me and wanted to share.