Jewellery Wish List

I've been buying loads of jewellery recently, and have always been into designing jewellery, like custom pieces and everything. 
So, as you can guess I've been into these rings for ages.
They are of course made from scrabble tiles. 
I don't know why but I do have a crazy thing about scrabble in general. 
The jewellery range was made famous by Pixie Lott a little while back. 
The reason I'm talking about them now is because they were in this week's Look (UK) magazine.
So now I know where to get them :)

That made me think about other weird jewellery I'd seen in the past. 
Like the stuff made out of Barbie dolls, which started around two years ago.
I just love all of it!
This is designed by Margaux Lange.
You can see the rest here.

Off to shop.


  1. I'm liking the idea of scrabble inspired jewellery.

    Also, thanks for the heads up on the crown tattoo photos!

  2. I wanna know if u understan spanish... can u say it on the blog or in a comment? 10x
    my comment is about other photo, yours, of course, photoshop... I think that nobody can believe it, that's impossible...

  3. glad you liked the post soph!

    i don't speak spanish, but i wanna learn, why?

  4. cuz I'm spanish x)
    I can speak in english, no problem, but i prefer spanish, easier for me

  5. your english is good. :)
    sorry! please follow me still hehe.