Body Shop Earth Lovers

Earth Lovers Shower Gel, £5

What a surprise, I've bought something else from The Body Shop.
The Earth Lovers shower gels come in five or six different flavours. I got the Watermelon and Eucalyptus one, but I really wanted the Fig one.
The shower gel is like an oil/water which is something I've never seen before. When I first tested it, I thought the consistency was a bit strange as normally I'm drawn to the foamiest gels. It's really good though and it foams really nicely. I pour some in my hand (about the size of a 10p piece) and it lathers so well and smells amazing. I would buy the whole range because they're all beautiful.  Any more than that at a time and it begins to smell a bit overwhelming. But other than that it's an amazing product and its going to last me ages!!

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