Lush Easter Eggs (Spoiler Alert)

(I didn't realise until I uploaded these that you can see an old glossy box in the first photo - sorry!)

I went into Lush to grab some bits that I'd ran out of (The Comforter, Porridge etc) and saw the cute Easter Eggs by the till so I obv had to pick one up! I chose this yellow one because the smell was my favourite. (I didn't think about what colour the bath would be though lolz) 

I really like this concept. Normally when you buy a bath bomb, you get one bath out of it, but with this one you get three and I don't think it was that much more expensive than the regular ones. The middle bomb looks like a little animal with whiskers. I'm not sure if its a cat, mouse or rabbit because there's no ears, so who can say. But the smell is really nice, the yellow one is like vanilla and really sweet. The middle one is more lavender, herby smell, so it's a really nice contrast. 

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