REVIEW: Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Cleansing Lotion

>>Garnier Cleansing Lotion £3.99

I've been on the market for a multi-purpose cleanse for a while. I've been using a simple version of this for a while, but its quite thick and is hard to move around the face without getting some in your eyes or leaving a horrible residue.
So I went into boots to find something similar but better than the simple one with only two criteria in mind: it had to be a budget beauty product ie high street brand/price and it had to be able to removes make-up and more importantly mascara easily.
This definitely lives up to what I wanted. I really like this product. The consistency of this cleanser reminds me of a moisturising milk so its really light, which is what I prefer, especially just before I put all my lotions and potions on before bed.
I have no complaints about the claims. It takes off all my eye make-up with ease, including my thick coats of Scandaleyes Mascara.
I would recommend this to anyone who needs to stick to a budget or wants to try a cleansing make-up remover.


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