How is it September already?!?!
None of the things on my 'August To Do' list have been sorted out.
Well, apart from one thing, but more about that later. :)

I haven't been a very good blogger recently.
Job hunting, baking and other stuff that I just can't talk about yet have been getting in the way.
So yeah, my mind has been elsewhere.
Although, I managed to do a bit of shopping the other day. Treated myself to some Topshop goodies. A little out of my price range atm, but what the hell.

The rest of the week is going to be full with trying to become a stylist/merchandiser.
Any advice would be much much appriciated. :)
Also, follow me on twitter :)

(if anyone wants the recipe, I am happy to share.)

Sorry again for the rubbish posts recently.

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