Morning blogosphere! 
Not a lot has been going on in my little world recently. 
If you follow me on twitter (if you don't, I forgive you, just click here), you may know that I won, with 500 others, the H&M UK competition last week which was a £100 voucher.
I'm super excited about it because I've never really won anything (apart from a PS1 game from a cereal box when I was like 10.)
Straight away I downloaded the H&M app for my iPhone.
It's a really cool app btw. It has this feature where you can add things you like to your 'wish list' and it totals all the prices together. Great for a budget.
The voucher came on Monday so I haven't had a chance to spend it yet, but I probably will tomorrow. 
Stay tuned my lovelies :D

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