Spotlight 1: My Favourite Make-up Brushes

High Street Edition
eyeshadow brush, slanted brush, foundation brush, blusher brush. priced between £8-£12

Most of my make-up brushes are high street. I'll only buy high-end brushes for foundation, but I think high-street eye and cheek brushes work just as well as the pricey versions.

I have brushes from elf, Cosmo and no7, but my favourites are from The Body Shop. The picture above is just a small collection on the brushes I own as some are duplicates and I didn't really want to do a 'collection' post. I like The Body Shop as a whole because of it's cruelty free message (and because everything smells so yummy!) Their brushes are obviously vegan and they're definitely the best vegan brushes I've tried. They apply the product really well, and more importantly, they clean really easily.

The blusher brush is my favourite (I have three of these!) because it's the perfect size for my cheek bone and it applies product like a dream. I can use this to contour as well because its pinched. I love the slanted brush for eyeliner, but I also use one to fill in my eyebrows.

The only downside to my collection is the foundation brush. I prefer applying my liquid foundation with a stippling brush or a buffing brush but otherwise I highly recommend these brushes.

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