Body Shop Body Butter in Chocomania

I cannot rave about this product enough! It's the nicest smelling thing I have ever sniffed. Honestly. Too good for words. 
I went into the Body Shop last week to pick up some bits and make use of a voucher I had on vouchercloud. (I tweeted about it on the day) The voucher was a free body butter when you spend £15. My friend had been raving about this product and how yummy it was so, obviously I picked it up. The lovely lady at the Highcross Body Shop gave me a free sample of the multi-use oil in the same scent. It's divine. The stores website describes the scent as indulgent and I completely agree.
I am a massive fan of the Body Shop Body Butters anyway, I always have three or four tubs on the go. This is just another level. It's a 48hour hydration. I can't say that I've tested it out for 48hours, so I can't really comment on that, but the smells lasts and lasts on the skin. So it's not really for you if you don't want to smell like a walking Mars bar all day. It's cool though, because I do.

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