January Wish List

- I've never really been that 'into' make-up. I've always worn it, but basically just had the minimum products, never really mixing up my look. Recently though, I've got heavily into youtube and make-up haul/tutorial videos and now I've got a massive craving for MAC shadows. So a lot of my wish list this month are MAC products. I won't bore you with the whole list.

- I've also been on a mission for the past month to find some camel/bronze-y coloured casual trousers. I thought I found the perfect pair in the ASOS sale last week (I was going to link a picture but they're not online anymore) but they were just horrible material and cut. I was kinda gutted about that because they were Mango, so I was expecting good quality. Back to the drawing board.

Just a little list this month (so far). :)

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