Finally it's Friday which means that I can tell you my big news that I'm really excited about :)
I'm going to new york in a month!
I'm super excited about it. I've only been once before, for just under a week, about three years ago. And I've been craving to go back ever since and finally I can so... yeah, I'm really excited :D
Here's some pics I took from my last trip.
I actually lost the rest when my laptop broke (must remember to back files up!!!) so I'm looking forward to replacing some of the photos this trip too.

 >>Strawberry Fields in Central Park
 >>Brooklyn Bridge
 >>Statue of Liberty
 >>Times Square
 >>Times Square opposite view
 >>Hard Rock Cafe Times Square
 >>Madison Square Garden
 >>Flat Iron Building
 >>Bloomingdale's :D
>>Serendipity Cafe


  1. omfg...
    I wanna live there:)
    how is the city?


  2. i wanna live there too!
    i can't explain it. it's one of those cities where just everyone loves it. its just....wow.

  3. I want to visit NYC one day!!